The Greenlee Communion Dispenser System is a mechanical marvel to behold in its simplicity and efficiency. It's manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum and has been tested extensively to assure your church years years of uniterrupted service. Numerous churches in several states own the communion dispensers shown on this webpage. These churches have a range in attendance between 250 and 20,000 plus.

All the owners of the Greenlee Communion Dispenser are all extremely pleased and say that they have never made a more wonderful investment. Divide your total number in membership into the price of the communion dispenser and you'll see just how small a contribution is required by each member to change the tedious task of communion preparation into something that actually becomes very pleasurable. At our church, young people are operating the communion dispensers and love every moment of performing the new, exciting venture.

Just as many churches look for and purchase the most modern technology in computers, video equipment, and musical instruments, you have now been introduced to the latest technology for the preparation of communion. Hold the banner high: Expect a Greenlee Communion Dispenser at your church.