Juice Dispenser

Virtually maintenance free. Easy to clean and sanitize.

The juice dispenser is a compact unit measuring 24.75 inches high by only 14.75 inches square, so utilizing the machine requires minimum space. The 24 quart stainless steel juice reservoir holds enough juice to fill approximately 60 trays before refilling, and every tray is filled to the perfect level. The system is a breeze to clean and sanitize! Just a small amount of detergent, water and sanitizer and you are finished. This is truly the Rolls Royce of Communion Dispensing Systems!

We personally guarantee your satisfaction with the Greenlee Communion Dispensing System or we will return your investment.

Saves time, space and frees up volunteers.

The Greenlee Communion Dispensing System can literally do the work of tens of volunteers in a fraction of the time. In the time it takes to fill one communion cup with a hand pump, the Greenlee System will fill all 40 cups in a tray to the exact same level giving a stately, elegant appearance to your communion presentation. The entire process can be performed by only one person if necessary. Many churches will realize the advantage of freeing up their volunteers to be used in other areas of service. Compare the relative savings of time and help below:

Approx. Gal. of Juice Number of Trays Time Needed (old method) Time Needed (with dispenser)
at 75% efficiency
20,000 34.0 500 41.66 hrs. 62.5 min.
10,000 17.0 250 20.8 hrs. 31.25 min.
5,000 8.5 125 10.40 hrs. 15.62 min.
1,000 1.7 25 2.08 hrs. 3.125 min.
250 0.425 6.25 0.52 hrs. 0.78 min.

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The manual for the Juice Dispenser can be downloaded here.